Ik ben Nout.

Picture of Nout Van Den Neste, Dutch Teacher and Founder of Dutch & Go

Hello interwebs, I’m Nout and I was born in Bruges, Flanders in Belgium in 1986. I’m familiar with the various Flemish dialects but I’m also very much aware of the differences between Flemish and Dutch, as I’ve studied Dutch on a university level. I know what it’s like to learn a new language and I’m an expat too: I’ve been living in Portugal since 2010, and besides Portuguese, I speak three other foreign languages (English, German and French). I can help you develop a good study method, but I can also give you shortcuts based on the other languages that you speak. Whether you’re a beginner who wants to learn Dutch as soon as possible or if you’re already quite experienced and want to brush up, I’m excited to help you out either way.

My mission

Are you trying to study Dutch but do you feel intimidated by the very technical-looking grammar as it’s explained in most textbooks? Do you also have problems finding good online study material for learning Dutch? Truth is: you’re not alone. Whether it’s overly complicated grammar explanations, abstract exercises that don’t really help you with real-life conversation or videos for beginners that are dumbed down: most of the online material is dusty and not super helpful. That’s why I want to provide you with useful exercises and grammar explanations that I’ve developed over the years. I’m also going to publish videos that are fun, educational and entertaining to help you create a productive study habit, even if Dutch is your first foreign language.

Together, let’s make Dutch fun again!

My teaching background

I have studied the Dutch language: I did a Bachelor of Dutch and English and finished the curricular part of the Master in Linguistics and Literature: Dutch – English at Ghent University (Belgium). I have experience in preparing students for the official state exams from both the Netherlands (NT2) and Belgium (CNaVT), of which I am an official examiner. I’ve been a language teacher since 2011, having worked for a number of language schools and companies as a Dutch teacher.

My teaching approach

At Dutch & Go, you will always learn the standardized Dutch that you can use in both Belgium and the Netherlands and I will point out to you any differences in terms of vocabulary, pronunciation and culture whenever that would be relevant. Over the years, I’ve started to develop my own material: from grammar exercises to interactive speaking and listening exercises based on YouTube videos or newspaper articles to specific dialogues or grammar relevant for medical professionals such as dentists or nurses. I’ve also developed my own grammar rules that simplify the language and focus on applying the grammar in frequent speaking situations and I cannot wait to share them with you!

Are you learning Dutch for a specific purpose? Do you need a little bit more guidance? Then book a class with me and together we’ll make Dutch fun again!

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