Nout holding up his two hands (on one it says "ja", on the other it says "nee") and on the side it says "Basic Dutch from Belgium"

If you’ve been considering learning Dutch, check out the following useful phrases that might end up saving your life, or at the very least, ease you into socializing in Dutch and making you seem 10 times more fluent than it actually might be the case. Fake it until you make it. Where better to start than this list, which you can use both in Belgium and the Netherlands (unless otherwise indicated)? Graag gedaan!


Ja – Yes
Nee – No
Alsjeblieft (informal) / Alstublieft (formal) – Please / There you go
Dank je (informal) / Dank u (formal) – Thank you!
Graag gedaan! – You’re welcome / Don’t mention it
Excuseer – Excuse me.
Geen probleem! – No problem
Goed! – Good!
Prima! – Great!


Hallo! (informal) – Hello! Hoi! (informal) – Hi! (only used in the Netherlands)
Dag! (formal & informal, an all-rounder) – Good day! Hi!
Goeiemorgen! – Good morning!
Goeiemiddag! – Good afternoon!
Goeienavond! – Good evening!
Goeienacht! – Good night!
Daag! – Goodbye! See you!
Tot ziens! – Goodbye!
Doei! (informal) – Goodbye! Bye! See you! (only used in the Netherlands!)


Ik ben … – I am … (+ name / job …)
Mijn naam is … – My name is …
Ik kom uit … – I’m from …
Ik woon in … – I’m living in …


Ik weet het niet. – I don’t know.
Ik versta het niet. – I don’t understand

Sorry, ik spreek geen Nederlands. – Sorry, I don’t speak Dutch.
Ik spreek een beetje Nederlands. – I speak a little bit of Dutch.
Hoe zeg je … in het Nederlands? – How do you say (…) in Dutch?
Hoe zeg je dat in het Nederlands? – How do you say that in Dutch?

Ik zie je graag! – I love you! (Flemish)
Ik hou van jou! – I love you!

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