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This might seem like an obvious topic, but believe me, after years of teaching Dutch, I know how many of you are out there, struggling not only understanding grammar but also studying it properly. That’s why this guide simply had to be made. Let it be useful on all of your future Dutch and other linguistic endeavours!


Familiarize yourself with the topic and try to understand the concept by reading a summary about it, watching a video, asking your teacher, reading examples, etc.


You can do one exercise with your grammar books lying next to you to wrap your head around the concept but don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’re proficient in the grammar topic. You need to study the grammar rules first before doing any other exercises.

1. Study the grammar rules and charts by heart.
2. Try to recall the concept without looking at your grammar book.
3. Explain the concept to someone else (or to yourself if no one is interested).
4. Try to reproduce the chart by writing it down without looking at your grammar book while you’re writing. Check afterward


  • Try to recall the rules in an environment different from your study room, e.g. while taking a walk
  • Recall the rules orally, i.e. don’t write down the chart/conjugation/… but say it aloud
  • Now, try to do your exercises/homework without the grammar charts. If you don’t recall a rule, make a note of it and check it after you’ve finished the exercise and check the solutions.
  • Try to recall the rules again after a certain amount of time again (spaced repetition).


  • First, do the exercises as you normally would – write down the solution and at the end, check the solutions.
  • After a couple of days have passed, come back to the exercise and do the exercise orally. That means, that you’re now saying the solution out loud instead of writing it. Just read the whole sentence aloud and check the solution afterward. Then proceed to the next sentence. Alternatively, you can also record yourself and then check all of the answers at the end.
  • Don’t do all the exercises on the same day but leave some time in-between.

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