SPREEKTAAL: Wat doe jij in jouw vrije tijd?

In the “Spreektaal” video series, I’m speaking freely about a random topic in Dutch. Previously, I had already given you my opinion about the new Taylor Swift album and I had discussed what languages I speak and what my relationship with them is. In this video, I’m talking about what I and other Flemish people like to do in their spare time. This is a follow up on a previous video and blog post in which I discussed 5 ways to talk about your hobbies which I would highly recommend checking out first. 

Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with a transcript for these “Spreektaal” videos, they’re recorded spontaneously while I’m talking freely about a certain topic. I can however provide you with a vocabulary list of some of the most important words and topics that I’m discussing in this video. 

op het internet surfento surf on the internet
verzamelento collect
de verzamelingthe collection
de postzegelthe stamp
de muntthe coin
de stripthe comic book
wielrennento cycle (professionally) 
de verenigingthe association
het spelletjethe game
kaartento play card games
tuinierento work in the garden
de tuinthe garden
het pretparkthe amusement / theme park
de jeugdbewegingthe youth group, youth organisation
schilderento paint
het schilderijthe painting
tekenento draw
de tekeningthe drawing

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